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EZCool  Automotive Insuslation has one goal and that  is to supply our customer’s with the best Automotive Insulation for Heat and Sound Deadening on the market today. EZCool is vastly used throughout the United States. Nascar Teams, Drag racers, IROC cars, and auto manufactures have all indorsed EZCool for their choice of insulation. You have probably seen many EZCool insulated cars at a variety of car shows. Due to the success of the product across the United States, we have branched into Canada over the past several years. EZCool insulation keeps you cooler in the summer and warmer in the cooler months, it also deadens sound. Whether you are looking for information on our different products such as EZCool, Dynamite, Heat Shield or Ceramic Spray, you have come to the right place!

CoolCarb is a new product to our line up. We test all of our products in house before we sell them and this one passed with flying colors. The test car was a 69 mustang 302 that had a hard start problem (because of the Ethylene in the gas). We installed the Heat Shield on intake along with a spacer, and then let the car run on a hot summer day.  The carb was a lot cooler and when we shut the car off, it started back up easily. It made us a believer. Remember CoolCarb the next time you have a hard start problem.  It’s new and it works!!!!!!

Battery Tenders, perfect for storing cars! No more worrying about trickle charges and burnt out batteries by forgetting that they’re hooked up. Battery Tender will do just that, hook it up to your battery and the Battery Tender will take care of the worrying for you. Battery Tender only charges when the microprocessor in the unit allows it to, that and outstanding warranties make this a great product. Both these products have been tested and they work great.