Benefits of using CoolCarb

Protects Against Vapor Lock -
When gas in an engine heats up it becomes less efficient. It can turn into a vapor which does not allow the engine to fire or start properly.

Maximize Your Engines Performance -
The cooler your gas is the more efficient it runs and the more horsepower your engine will create.

Durable -
CoolCarb’s Heat Shield is constructed out of industrial strength material. This material combination was designed to endure the hottest temperatures an engine will produce.

Looks Great-
CoolCarbs’s Heat Shield’s polished finish looks great with a billeted smooth shape. It is resistant of gas which allows for a long lasting finish.





This product is not recommended for the use on: 1.  Intakes with heat crossovers and EGR values in  the intake. 2.  Straight 4-6-8 cylinder motors where the exhaust and  intake overlap. 3.  Some castiron intakes have had an issue also. REASON:  The polycore is an excellent insulation but it  cannot take the extreme heat that the exhaust creates. This causes it to get  soft or  melt.